Monday, September 18, 2006

Wool Allergies

I would have posted a nice little picture of my first socks but my camera has decided to not work until I give it new batteries so until then I'll just write today.
My topic was on wool allergies, I'm not sure if I have one but I certainly can't wear my socks which are wool for very long before they start to itch horribly, and it isn't a scratchy yarn to touch, it's is actually very nice and soft and it was really great to knit with, but once I put them on my feet I can only stand about five minutes before I can't stand the itchin anymore and I have to take them off.
I'm wondering if this would be an allergy to the actual wool or to the chemicals it was processed with. Anyone have any ideas? Or similar experiences with wool?
And since I am definately not posting tomorrow I'll talk to ya'll on wednesday.

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