Sunday, September 03, 2006

From the desk of my NEW COMPUTER!

So all that time I spent without being able to post pictures on the laptop with 200MB of memory left, I could never post any pictures so today I'll do a quick catch up with a few pics.
First up:
Spinning CottonMy own handspun on the dropspindle. I'll post the picture of my finished handspun tomorrow and that will be a lot thicker than this one ply of cotton that is currrently on the spindle. I'm still experimenting with twist because the first one I don't think was spun tightly enough becuase when I plied it it tended to pull apart really easily.
Lucca and Indy in the dug poolThen who could refuse a picture of puppies! They are sitting in the hole where the new pool is supposed to go because it is nice and cool in the shade in there, Lucca is the one looking at the camera and Indiana is blissfully unaware of being photographed. No one worry they didn't jump or fall in, the construction crew dug a ramp on the side for the steelworker to easily come in and make the steel frame to prep for the cement and plaster.
True PomatomiThen I started another Pomatomus this would be the third pair I've made but this is going to be the first pair that I really do the knit through back loop part.
Jasmine Christmas 2006Then of course there is the last slightly blurry picture of the Halley's Comet Hat which I am knitting for my cousin for Christmas. The reason I didn't retake the pattern is becuase it's acrylic and I just don't feel like acrylic really deserves a full photoshoot before it's done. Can you tell how much I don't like acrylic? Anyway she's the one who picked it I could have lived without ever buying acrylic again for the rest of my life.
Anyway that's what I've been up to but I'll keep you posted, pardon the pun.

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